Women’s Day 2017


There is a lot of talk about 'what can we do to make our society safe for women'… what do we do?

This question itself is strange, cause our society, the Great Indian Culture, flaunts on being worshippers of Goddesses, of Shakthi, have always put 'Mothers' on pedestals… then why this conversation on making our society safe for women when it also prides in worshipping them? 

Who are the ‘men’ who are making it unsafe for women? What makes them terrorise ‘women’ who are an integral part of their everyday lives? 

Bullet points are the way these days. Let me try putting my thoughts in bullet points.

The ways a woman is part of a man’s life in majority of the men in our society:
  1. A woman, as mother, gives birth to him.
  2. A woman, as mother, feeds him from the time he is born.
  3. A woman, as grand mother, gives him his first bath and for years to come.
  4. A woman’s singing voice is the first song in his ears.
  5. A woman, as mother or grandmother, makes him sleep from the day he is born.
  6. A woman, as mother, stays awake and never complains when her sleep is stolen away from her to comfort him.
  7. A girl, as sister, plays and cares for him when he is small.
  8. A girl, as sister, protects him from all others who make fun of him or hurt him.
  9. A woman, as teacher, teaches him to write his name.
  10. A girl, as classmate, teaches his to share.
  11. A woman, as friend, teaches him the beauty of togetherness.
  12. A woman, as lover, awakens the love in him.  
  13. A woman, as wife, gives him his own home.
  14. A woman, as wife embraces him when he feels unsafe.
  15. A girlchild, as daughter, teaches him responsibility.
  16. A girl, as daughter, makes him realise, physically, he has a heart as she smiles at him every time he looks at her.
  17. A woman, as colleague, arouses a sense of respect.
  18. A woman, as daughter, takes care of him when he is old.
  19. And women, as they shed tears in his deathbed fulfill his being as he knows his life was worth it.
The list goes on…

Such wonderful moments are shared with every Woman that that Man comes in touch with… then why this need to hurt, to destroy, to terrorise the same ‘women’.

The ways that he may be affected to turn against women:
  1. He is born in a house where women are treated as doormats.
  2. He sees in his growing years that women should be beaten.
  3. He sees in society that women are to be considered lesser beings.
  4. He sees around him that women are to be treated as just sexual objects.
  5. He witnesses in his workspace the hatred towards women with power.
  6. He learns how powerful a man feels when he subjugates a woman to pain and terror.
  7. He experiences a sense of dominance when he sees tears in a woman’s eyes.
The list goes on…

I can never understand the human mind that believes in feeling powerful and supreme when he oppresses a woman.

Many call it an animal instinct but I fail to see any such instinct in the entire animal kingdom where the male terrorizes the female in the way a Man does to a Woman. There is no reason whatsoever that can justify any human from assaulting another human being physically or mentally...

When women are safe, children are safe and when both children and women are safe, men have changed then attitudes change, economies change, life itself changes and the society will move beyond just woman-man issues to greater issues of global changes...

This conversation has no beginning or end... it's one that will go on till we find a time in our society when we don't need to have this conversation any more. 

I have decided that as a woman, as a human being, I will not tolerate any kind of assault on any one and will raise my voice when needed. This is the only way we can make our society a safe place to live in.

HAPPY WOMAN’s DAY and let each one of us decide to make our society, our country, our world a better place to live in. 

Revathy Asha Kelunni